Xbox – Lips

Track licensing is always the lynchpin of a project like this. We were given a list of potential song candidates and the assurance that legal was doing their best to clear usage for the final tracks prior to our shoot date. To us this simply meant that we would not know which song(s) would be cleared until sometime after we filmed which (for a karaoke-themed game that relies on lip-syncing to a specific track) is no small detail. Thanks to the game development team for trusting in our creative strategy that did not rely on advance track determination. This game video for E3 would become a showcase of ‘user experience’ completely void of any screen shots (maybe a 1st for Xbox advertising). As it turned out, the Coldplay track was cleared.. one day after filming completed. Director of Photography – Matt Clark. Produced by Loaded Pictures for Microsoft Xbox (creatives: Glenn Gregory, Michael Johnson, Taylor Smith).

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