Cablevision – Guiding Principles

Working with ‘real-people’ who have zero production experience and making them feel at ease facing the daunting presence of a robust lighting & camera package, an over-sized soundstage, a large production crew and being scrutinized by a full complement of client and agency personnel.. is familiar terrain. Taking a page out of the Errol Morris playbook, we employed an Interatron-like technique that allowed me to establish through-the-lens, 2-way eye contact with each small business owner. I knew that extracting a sincere, energetic and emotionally-charged performance rested upon being able to visually engage with each person and offer a dynamic, expressive response to their testimonials while preserving the honesty of an eye-line straight to camera (rather than an off-camera interview). Director of Photography – Pete Konczal. Produced by KBS+P (Damion Sammarco/creative director – Renee Banta/copywriter – Jessica Tune/art director).

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